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Morton Elementary students enjoy Health & Wellness Fair
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Monday, October 16, 2017
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On October 10, 2017, Morton schools hosted a Health and Wellness fair to bring about awareness regarding staying health and living a good lifestyle. This informative event for students and parents discussed and provided services about wellness visits, eye check ups, wearing seatbelts, eating right, and much more. The health fair was sponsored by Morton Elementary and High School partnered by the Morton Center for Parents & Children. 

We must be healthy in order to learn and we must learn in order to be healthy.

Nurse Johnna shared, "It is necessary to have events like this because so many of our parents do not have access to needed information.  Through this learning experience at school, our children are now exposed to it having a good understanding, in which they are able to take it home and share with their parents."

Scott Regional Hospital and Clark Clinic had the children watch a short cartoon educating them on what the body is made of and passed out healthy snacks.  MDOT presented a simulation of what it is like to not wear safety restraints when in a vehicle.  Walmart Vision Center performed eye screens on each student.  We had multiple local clinics represented such as medical and dental clinics.  In addition, Mississippi Care Center of Morton demonstrated what it may be like for grandparents who have trouble with their motor skills or are suffering from dementia. 

Mr. Jon Weeks, with the Scott-Rankin County Tobacco Coalition, showed the children what a healthy lung looks like compared to a smoker's lung.  The students were able to touch real-feel lungs with nodules (tumors) inside.  Lifecare Ambulance Service allowed the students to climb inside and see what it is like to be in an ambulance.  The Morton Chamber of Commerce/Healthy Hometown Committee gave door prizes to one elementary student and one high school student.



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