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Ms. Lowery & Ms. Morgan's Team-Building
Posted On:
Wednesday, August 09, 2017
...classes engage in team-building activities first week of school to promote cooperation and communication among peers
Third grade teachers, Ms. Erin Lowery and Ms. Sabrina Morgan are working to teach their students the importance of working together as a team in order to achieve a goal. 
On Tuesday, August 8th, these two classes did a team project in which the students had to work together and build a perch for Harry (the Pompom creature with eyes). They only had four pipe cleaners, one cupcake liner, one small piece of foil, one index card and approximately 10 inches of scotch tape to use to build it along with scissors to cut the tape.
The goal for the project was for each team to have the tallest perch that Harry could safely rest in without being held up with hands. 
The activity promoted collaborative critical thinking and was successfully accomplished by the students, which resulted in a sense of excitement and positivity filling the classrooms of Ms. Morgan and Ms. Lowery.
Pictures of teams collaborating along with the final product from each team can be found below.



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