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Summer Resources

Tips to Make Summer Reading Happen!
How can you help your child continue reading throughout the summer??

1. CHOICE: Let children choose the books that they read.

2. PLENTY: Fill your house with lots of books. More books = more chances for children to find a fantastic, amazing, very good book that they can’t put down.

3. LIBRARY: Visit your local Morton library. Let your children go WILD and check out lots of books! You will also find that the Morton library has many summer activities planned to spark a love for reading. Visit to see events scheduled.

4. TIME: Children need opportunities for reading. So, make sure they are not filling all their time with television, video games, and other screen time.

5. TECHNOLOGY: Don’t forget about audiobooks, Kindles, iPads, and Nook reading. Students also are probably familiar with the website Storyline Online or GetEpic. 

6. READABILITY: Make sure your child is reading books that he or she can comprehend. When choosing a book, use the 5 finger test to decide if it is a just right book. During and after reading, ask your child to tell you a little bit about the story. If you have not read the story, read the back and ask questions pertaining to that summary.