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Morton Elementary School is nestled in the middle of our community on Second Avenue and houses Kindergarten through Fourth Grade.  For such a small community, Morton Elementary proudly educates 740 students daily.  Mrs. MaryLynn Crotwell serves as principal of approximately 430 Kindergarten through Second Grade students, and Mrs. Letonia Johnson serves as principal of approximately 310 Third and Fourth Grade students.  In addition to nearly 200 car riders (thus the traffic backup in the mornings and afternoons), students arrive and depart on 23 buses.
School year 2018-2019 began with a huge Open House.  Pete the Cat rocked his school shoes encouraging students to read, read, read, and Smarty Coach built excitement for Achieve3000’s SmartyAnts online interactive foundational reading program.  Parents and students were treated to free books and popcorn.  Many first responders and other community helpers have given of their time to visit with kiddos, read books, drop off snacks, etc.  MES is blessed to be supported greatly by the community.
The Mississippi Department of Education requires Kindergarten students to take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment at the beginning and end of the year.  Since taking this assessment in August and using our universal screener, which is very similar to the K-Readiness Assessment, students have shown growth in the short 2 months we have been in school.  Keep in mind while growing academically, these kiddos have learned to interact socially in a 25 student classroom, master food choices and carry a tray in the cafeteria, walk on Panther paws, etc.  MES is proud of our awesome Kindergarten students and staff.  We are expecting magnificent growth on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in May. 
First and Second Grade students blasted into this school year.  These students came ready to learn, learn, learn.  They even brought their grandparents in on the action by hosting Granola with Grands.  Through the use of a universal screener (STAR), data supports that students in both grades are displaying academic growth.  Contributing to this growth is the relationship bond that is formed between students and teachers.  MES is delighted in the importance teachers place on relationships.  The K-2 theme for this year is: Be The Reason…Be the reason MES becomes a better place by taking it to the #nextlevel.        
Our Third and Fourth grade students are off to a great start.  The school year began with our big “HOUSE REVEAL,” as students learned which house they will be members of. Our House System is used to promote a family atmosphere and positive behavior among our students, as well as an opportunity for students to interact with other students and teachers that they may not interact with normally.  Students earn house points by doing something kind for someone else or showing growth in academics.  Teachers are working hard to progressively prepare 3rd and 4th grade students for the spring state assessments, and our students have accepted the challenge. Students who were assessed last year received their scores, and we are very pleased with the tremendous growth that was shown. The state board has not released our final school rating yet; however, we are expecting a remarkable gain from the previous school year. For the 2018-2019 school year, we will continue the push towards an “A” rating as we remind our students everyday we will LEARN something new, IMPROVE in every area, and TEACH what was learned to someone else (#LIT). We are thankful for every parent, mentor, Morton alumni, and community leader who encourages and inspires our students to strive for greatness and never settle.