Lisa Redd authors children book

Lisa Redd, a special services teacher at Morton Elementary School, recently published her first children's book titled, "Adventures of Ruby the Red Cell." 
" The story was first created and told to me by my grandmother when I was a little girl" shared Redd. "About 10 years ago, I was thinking it would make a great illustrated story.  However, it never got ignited."
It was during her reign as Miss Wheelchair Mississippi that Redd was asked by a reporter what she would like to accomplish next and writing a children's book was her response. It was then that she began to make it a reality. 
"A month after my reign was over, I started thinking about what I said during the interview.  Since the pageant was out of comfort zone and provided me with more confidence, I decided to try something else.  The process of starting the book began."
Redd shared that the overall process took about two years to complete. Page Publishing did the illustrations, however she was active through the design of the book, informing them of what each page should look like.

The book is about a little red blood cell and what Redd wants the reader to understand is that there is always hope and know that you are very well special in your own image.
Currently, the only way to receive a copy of the book is to pre-order from Redd.  The cost is $25. Once it gets ready to be distributed, you will be able to find on Amazon.
For more information regarding the book, please contact Lisa Redd here.