Morton Elementary recognizes Nurse Lee on National Nurse's Appreciation Day

The week of May 6-10 is set aside to recognize nurses who are very well appreciated and needed in the world. 
Morton Elementary School takes time to show Nurse Clotee Lee that they really appreciate her efforts of making sure everyone's health is in good condition. 
The school got Nurse Lee a gift basket full of snacks and gift cards. She also received a lot of friendly letters from students in the third and fourth grade that expressed how grateful they are to have Nurse Lee at the school and how some would like to even pursue the profession of nursing. 
Nurse Lee was very appreciative of the gifts and the thoughtfulness of her throughout National Nurses Week. 
"I really appreciate the notes from all the students who submitted them to me. They did not have to do it, but they did and I appreciate their thoughtfulness. Reading the letters helped me to realize that I am, for many, one of the main sources of receiving health care. I truly love my job. The students, faculty, and staff have really been good to me this year, and I appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart."